Grow smarter.

We are a startup studio based in Los Angeles. We advise, invest, and incubate seed stage companies. From strategic advisory to operational support, we provide our portfolio companies with unparalleled resources so they can grow smarter.

our values


Transparency is at the root of our values. We believe in challenging ideas, collaborating, and openingly reflecting together, committing to direct and honest communication in order to grow and achieve success.


By choosing to activate empathy, we strengthen the muscle that helps solve problems from the right perspective, valuing the power in the approach of putting yourself in someone else's shoes.

Open Mindedness

We open a wide door to new ideas and information. We understand that in order to find solutions, we must challenge ourselves and approach every situation with the goal to learn something new.


You can rely on us to get the job done. We believe that through accountability we can achieve great things as a team by taking responsibility and strengthening our relationships to ourselves and others.


Trust is the currency that fuels all of our interactions. We are committed to authenticity and vulnerability when it comes to solving problems. When there is high trust, there is high productivity, growth, and reward.

We're more than investors — we're partners.

We partner with top-notch founders who have brilliant ideas that solve big problems. We come in at the ground floor because we understand how to grow disruptive businesses from an idea all the way through execution.

our platform



We offer expert knowledge and mentorship to help our partners to develop robust strategies to scale, transform, and grow.



We provide seed capital to turn innovative ideas into viable and scalable business models.



We accelerate the growth of our companies by equipping our founders with the infrastructure, resources, and support to maximize their potential.


We invest in early stage companies in specific verticals where our executive team has domain knowledge, industry experience, and a robust network. Through our vertical investment strategy we optimize for capital efficiency and growth, to launch new companies more effectively. We pair our emerging start-ups with our established companies — encouraging mutual exchange and symbiotic growth.

Direct to Consumer

Digital Media



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We provide our founders with what they need — when they need it.


Our portfolio companies have access to our mentor network of accomplished entrepreneurs, investors, creatives, and industry experts. By providing access to high-quality talent we can accelerate learning, facilitate new partnerships, and expedite growth — turning small steps into giant leaps.

Calabasas studio

We opened our Calabasas location that both our executive team and some of our portfolio companies call home. By eliminating the stress and distraction of finding and maintaining a professional work environment, we offer an adaptive workplace that promotes a culture of excellence and productivity.

our companies

Ideas are easy — execution is hard.